LuLaRoe Quebie!!

So I am beyond excited to let you know that I am in the LuLaRoe Queue! The Queue is for those waiting to onboard as a consultant with LuLaRoe. It is currently taking about            6-8 weeks to onboard. That gives me lots of time to prepare and share with you all of the awesome things I learn along the way!

If you haven’t heard of LuLaRoe you need to check it out! For the longest time I had heard about these LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutiques but had no idea what they were about. Then I decided to check it out and I am so happy I did! Their clothes are amazing!! They have all different styles, prints and sizes from XXS – 3X. The clothes really look amazing on everyone! I feel so confident and comfortable wearing their clothes! Today I am wearing my Randy shirt and I LOVE it!

One thing I was asked to think about was my Why.. Why did I want to become a consultant with LuLaRoe? The obvious reason for most would be because of the love for the clothes. Yes, I love their clothes but that isn’t my biggest reason. My why is because it is my business. I have the freedom to work on this business on my own time. It’s no secret I have anxiety. Most people don’t realize that there are days when I just can’t. I can’t seem to get out of my own head. So this business doesn’t feel like it’s trapping me. I feel like I can do this! I can grow my business on my own terms! So cheers to what the future holds! Stay tuned…

Sincerely, Angela



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