Thank You!

I just want to give a sincere thank you to everyone that works in the healthcare field. My husband recently had back surgery to remove a herniated disc. While we were expecting that he would be able to go home that day, it didn’t turn out that way. He had some issues with his heart rate spiking, as a precaution they kept him overnight for observation. I was BEYOND worried about everything. I felt like the entire day I was just a ball of anxiety. The nurses, PAs, doctors, aides and the rest of the staff were all so caring and understanding. It really helped to somewhat calm my nerves. I gained a new appreciation for those that work in the medical field. While my husband was able to go home the following day, it has been a slow recovery. He is having some issues with his body rejecting the sutures and that is causing persistent drainage. That is not good because eventually it will lead to infection. That would be so BAD! So, we’ve been to urgent care and back to see his orthopedic surgeon. Again, everyone we have encountered has been so pleasant, understanding and helpful. Even though this has been a stressful time, they have made the situation a bit easier. I truly am grateful for that. We will keep praying that the drainage stops so that he doesn’t have to go back under to have it cleaned out and that he recovers soon. If he has to, then we know that he is in good hands and it will all work out.

So again, thank you to all healthcare professionals and also a thank you to anyone in other service fields. You may not always hear it but what you do matters and you are appreciated!


Sincerely, Angela

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